The three EZUse™ features on these durable, 10 mil thermal laminating pouches simplify the lamination process to quickly and easily deliver a high quality output. Speed format pouches are is sealed along the long edge to help the pouch run through the machine faster.

  • Thermal lamination pouch includes visible EZUse™ features that magically disappear after lamination
  • Alignment guides make centering documents easy
  • Mil icons clearly identify pouch thickness to help you select best laminator settings
  • Directional arrows indicate which edge of pouch should be loaded into laminator first
  • UV protection prevents fading and discoloration over time
  • 10 mil
  • Letter size speed pouch is sealed on the long side enabling it to run through the laminating machine more quickly
  • 50 pouches per box
  • UPC: 033816023918
  • Detailed Color: Clear
  • Document Size: Letter Speed Format
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Period of Warranty: None
  • Thickness (mil): 10

Upgrade to EZUse thermal laminating pouches for faster document lamination. A Fusion EZUse pouch includes 3 features that are specifically designed to make it easier to laminate. First, alignment guides on the pouch help you to perfectly center your item inside the pouch to get even lamination borders. Secondly, mil thickness icons clearly identify pouch thickness for proper laminator settings and quality finishing. Third, directional arrows on the pouch serves as a helpful reminder to always insert the sealed edge first into your laminator to reduce misfeeds and jams. Almost magically, all 3 of these useful features disappear after laminating for picture-perfect and amazingly clear lamination results. Also with UV protection to prevent documents from fading or yellowing over time, your laminated documents preserved in an EZUse pouch will always display dynamic text and rich colors. EZUse thermal pouches can be used with any laminator, including Swingline GBC Fusion Laminators. Pouches are available in various mil thickness, pack quantity and document sizes. Letter size EZUse pouches, in particular, come in both traditional and speed styles. The letter size speed pouches are sealed along the long side which enables them to run through a 12” laminator faster than a standard pouch.

Swingline™ GBC® EZUse™ Thermal Laminating Pouches
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