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From photos and keepsakes, to business cards and banners, lamination helps extend the life for all of your important documents. Print, protect and preserve to create life-long memories and professional impressions.

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Laminating a school project

Laminating Machines

Preserving the life of your favorite photos and documents can be difficult. These items are often exposed to more wear and tear than we’d like, which can cause creases, fading colors or even rips. Laminators use pressure and often heat to create a protective seal over your most used items. Whether you need to laminate grandma’s secret cookie recipe or handouts for your important meeting, quality results start by choosing the right machine for your project.

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Need more information? Learn more about our different laminator options.

Laminating Supplies

While machines are the powerhouse of the laminating process, laminating supplies are just as important. Laminating pouches and roll film determine the flexibility, texture and level of protection your final document will have. Protection from your new puppy, freak thunderstorms or the tests of time. However challenging your project may be, we give you the tools you need to finish strong.

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How do you choose the right film? Learn more about our laminating supplies and uses.

Laminating Accessories

Take your project from plain to polished. Create professionally finished documents with GBC lamination accessories.
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