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Capture your audience in the blink of an eye.

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  Document Camera Environment Shot

What is a Document Camera?

Bring your students closer to the action with a document camera, a high-resolution web cam mounted on a movable arm. Capable of many amazing, high-tech functions, it’s also super easy to use.  In fact, it comes out of the box, ready to go—with or without a computer.  All you need to do is position the camera lens on your lesson, object or viewing material and it will appear larger than life, for all to see.

So go ahead and teach Geometry with a pre-stored presentation, present courtroom evidence in real time, or screen a live frog dissection. Display almost anythinga document, a 3-D object, or any other type of visual learning tooland then watch your students attack their lessons with fresh eyes.

Enhance Lessons With Key Features

  • 8 Mega-Pixel Sensor with Auto Focus allows you to display crisp video and images 
  • Picture-in-Picture Capability gives you the ability to compare what is on the screen with a previously saved image
  • Mask and Highlight Functions help emphasize or block content
  • Image Freeze/Pause saves an image on the screen even after the object has been removed
  • Compact size allows for easy transport from room to room  
  • Microscope Adapters enable the entire room to take a deeper look using only one microscope
  • Remote Control Function enables use from anywhere in the room