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Document Cameras

Ignite the imagination. Enhance learning. Create unique presentations that encourage interaction through the lens of camera.

Explore Your Options

What is a Document Camera?

Similar to how we use overhead projectors, document cameras project what is under the lens onto the screen – but document cameras allow you to bring lessons to life. Document cameras are small enough to carry and allow the projection of real-time video, pre-stored pictures, or pre-recorded videos onto television, smart board or projector screen. Display almost anything by pointing the repositionable camera lens onto a piece of paper, specimen, or visual learning aid. Document cameras have a variety of features depending on model, but most allow educators to zoom in or out, highlight or mask parts of the image, and annotate a frozen image. Document cameras come in a variety of different models with an array of features.

  Document Camera Environment Shot

Educational Use

Bring your lessons to life with document cameras. Engage students by utilizing multiple functions of the document camera, such as microscope adaptors, picture-in-picture for comparisons, live demonstrations of problem solving, and pre-recorded video to enhance classroom learning. Versatile for a variety of educational disciplines, document cameras offer flexibility in lesson planning and interactivity.

A Better Way to Show and Tell

Engage. Interact. Be the rockstar of your classroom. Upgrade every lesson into a dynamic and interactive experience with these diverse features:

  • 8MP sensor with auto focus lets the educator display crisp video and images to their entire class
  • Picture-in-picture capability allows the comparison of what is on the screen with a previously saved image
  • Mask and highlight functions help emphasize or block content
  • Image Freeze/pause keeps an image on the screen while the object is either moved or passed around
  • Compact size allows for easy transportation from classroom to classroom  
  • Microscope adapters give the entire classroom a deeper look at specimens from one microscope
  • The Remote control enables teaching from anywhere in the classroom while controlling the camera