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Easier Than Ever: How EZLoad Film has Changed the Laminating Game

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“EZload improved changing laminating film so much. It takes a lot of the guess work out of it.” – Lori Brems, Educational Assistant Jefferson Elementary

Loading film on your roll laminator can be a daunting task, especially since it is not something you do daily. Traditional roll laminators feature steel shafts on which the heavy film roll has to be loaded before being secured with thumb screws and core chucks. When loading film on traditional machines a lot of finagling is often required to ensure the film is centred correctly, so that the lamination output is clean.

The other consideration when loading film on a laminator is the orientation of the film. Roll film should always run from the top roller down, with the adhesive side out (facing the user) and from the bottom roller up, with the adhesive side out. The biggest risk when loading film is to load the film upside down. If that happens the adhesive side will touch the hot heat rollers, which in turn will activate the adhesive and clue the film onto the heat rollers – causing an expensive service call to replace the rollers, which can cost you hundreds of dollars!

GBC has been in the lamination business for 70 years and we revolutionized the way film is loaded with our patented EZload technology.  EZload film completely eliminates the need for film shafts, thumb screws and core chucks. The film comes out of the box with color coded endcaps that match the color coding on our EZload-enabled GBC machines such as the Ultima 65 or the Pinnacle 27EZ. When loading the film all you need to do is match the colors of the endcaps to the colors of the latches on the machine. Drop the film in, thread your laminator and you are good to go.

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