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What's the Right Binding Machine for Me?

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Choosing the Right Binding Style 

The old adage: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” applies to your presentations, too. With those precious few minutes to impress a client AND your boss, your corporate materials—displays, booklets and the like—better be as buttoned-up as a three-piece suit. Besides that, binding your presentations shows that you take your work seriously.

But choosing the best binding style for the job is tough. Different styles have different features and looks that can give different impressions. Key details on each style can often be overlooked resulting in the purchasing tools that do not fulfill their needs.

Magnapunch ProWhether you’re a binding pro or don’t know the first question to ask (Gasp! You don’t know what VeloBind is?), we’ve compiled a binding reference guide of styles, questions, tips and tricks, and practical applications to ensure that you make the right investment.

Start with the Style not the Equipment

Before you choose any machine to bind or punch, decide what style meets your needs. What look are you trying to acheive? Do you need to bind 300 sheets+ regularly? Do you want a colored spine? By figuring out what style you want, you can then start to assess which machine is best for how often you'll be binding. 

Comb Binding

Also sometimes referred to as plastic binding or spiral comb binding, comb binding is the most recognizable choice for document collation. It involves punching documents, then binding them together using a spine with tabs that roll into the spine itself. Comb binders are especially useful when numerous booklets need to be made. They are the perfect choice for any sector, from primary school through to large business.

The benefits of comb binding:

  • Pages can be added or removed with relative ease
  • Colored binding spines for variety in projects
  • Bind up to 425 sheets of paper
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and simple to create
  • Readily available – the most popular binding system
  • Combs are re-usable

Use for:

Reference guides, instructional materials, workbooks, kids craft books, school hand-outs

The versatility of comb binders coupled with the range of colors and the ability to bind up to 425 sheets of paper make comb binding spines the perfect choice for almost any job.

Coil Binding

Coil binding provides a quick continuous loop that covers the length of the document and can bind up to 265 sheets. Offering a professional finish with lie-flat capability, GBC’s ColorCoil is a quick and easy way to take your document’s finish to the next level.

Benefits of coil binding:

  • Professional finish
  • Pages lie flat with 360-degree page turning
  • Permanent bind
  • Spine keeps shape with bounce and flexibility
  • Binds up to 265 pages


With the flexible spine, these binding elements are hardy, making them ideal for documents that need constant reference such as student handbooks, notebooks or menus.

ProClick Binding

GBC’s unique, patented ProClick Binding works much like comb binding, but rather than individual tabs which curl into the spine, the bind ‘clicks’ together to secure documents in place. ProClick provides your document with a professional, upscale look that makes it also incredibly easy to add and remove pages as needed.

The benefits of ProClick binding:

  • Open and close easily to add or remove documents
  • Lie flat for easy photocopying
  • 360 degree page turning
  • Professional, upscale look
  • Fast and easy
  • Zips and unzips for quick edits
  • Made from polypropylene – so can be recycled
  • Binds up to 100 pages

Use for:

ProClick binding’s professional finish lends itself to polished client-facing presentations, financial statements or executive presentations. The ability to easily add and remove pages with one click make it the most versatile binding style – suited for documents that may change after you bind them together such as training materials or internal reports.

Wire Binding

A popular book binding method, wire binding take a ‘C-shaped’ binding spine and closes it around your punched papers. This style is similar in concept to the wire bound notebook or notepads that are essential on college campuses.

Wires are measured by pitch 3:1 (3 holes per inch on the paper edge) and 2:1 (2 holes per inch on the paper edge)

The benefits of wire binding:

  • Secure. Work cannot be removed without tearing
  • Full 360 degree movement, allowing work to lie flat for photocopying
  • Professional finish to documents
  • Element join is hidden from view
  • Strong and flexible
  • Can be removed if required
  • Maximum capacity of 110 sheets 3:1 wires
  • Maximum capacity of 250 sheets for 2:1 wires

Use for:

Legal documents, professional documents which require an element of security such as proposals or company briefs and official booklets. WireBind is a popular style for business users, as the metal finish gives the impression of additional security over plastic combs and a more professional finish It is the perfect binding solution for legal documents, professional documents which require an element of security – such as proposals or company briefs or official booklets. It is also a binding style increasingly popular in higher education.


VeloBind, also known as Strip binding, is the professional way of binding large volumes of documents up to 750 sheets.

Our VeloBind binding strips secure work fast, and are physically cut and welded to the element on the underside of your book, to create a tamperproof seal. Due to the nature of the bind, pages do not lay flat, making this binding style the more logical choice for those not wanting work to be photocopied. VeloBind provides the highest security of all binding styles, preventing the removal or insertion of pages.

Our VeloBind binding strips give the look and feel of a strip bind, but with the ability to add and remove pages as needed with a specific ‘debinding’ tool.

Benefits of strip binding:

  • Large volume binding capability
  • Secure – welded fast. Only adjustable with some models
  • Documents do not photocopy easily due to biding style – ideal for those who do not want copies made
  • Easily mailed or filed due to a flat binding element
  • Highest sheet capacity
  • Most durable binding
  • Upscale, professional image


The first choice for larger ventures. Professional looking, secure, and capable of binding large volumes of paper. Versatile for any sector, but are usually the preferred choice for legal, business or high-end education assignments. Permanent bind with no way of removing, they are the ideal tamperproof bind making them perfect for legal documents.

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